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Ingrid Guyon / Associate

Ingrid is a participatory photography facilitator with 10 years of experience. She is the Founding Director of Fotosynthesis, a social enterprise that uses photography as a tool for education and social change. She has worked with people from all ages and nationalities exploring issues around migration, ethnic minorities, gender, environment, youth, education, heritage, human rights and indigenous cultures. She has recently designed a participatory photography peer training for the UN in Mali. In 2015 Ingrid co-designed and delivered a Participatory Video and Photography consultation with the Latin America community alongside Soledad Muniz in south London. Ingrid also has a a degree in Social Anthropology.

Latin America, Human Rights, Migration, Environment and natural resource, Project design , Migrant Communities in UK, Photovoice, Participatory Methodology and Ethics, Women.

French (Native), Spanish (Fluent), English (Fluent), Italian and Portuguese (Conversational)