Values & Core Charter

Our work is guided by our Values and Core Charter, which includes a set of non-negotiable terms that prospective partners are requested to agree to before working with InsightShare on any Participatory Video process.

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We believe in experiential learning and reflection as the key ingredient for transformation and growth in self-confidence.

We encourage our trainees and practitioners to value target groups’ unique perspectives and trust their inherent ability to self-organise and make their own positive changes.

Participatory Video is not just about working together, expressing yourself, listening, arguing and protesting but also about passion, creativity and enjoying yourself.

We believe sharing knowledge, skills and understanding is the starting point for creating change: Each One Teach One!

We use Participatory Video to celebrate the local. Community screenings are moments of reflection, inspiration and celebration.

We develop and foster networks for people, communities, practitioners and others to engage with one another.





Our work must:

Enable positive change & transformation
Empower individuals and groups to grow in self-confidence and trust, and to build skills to act for change
Be satisfying for participants / communities
Aim for legacy and sustainability
Give participants/beneficiaries the final say on what is or isn't included in any film outputs
Put reflection at the core of process
Promote clarity / transparency in approach, outcomes & expectations
Provide the highest level of ethical PV process, authenticity & participant control
Respect and protect participants' intellectual property rights
Give easy and free access to films for the participants and communities directly involved
Ensure informed consent by participants for use of any output/film, derivatives, and types of use.
Assess and endeavour to reduce risk
Be inclusive, respectful, peaceful
Allow creative experiences through video and other visual tools
Enable positive & continuous learning 

Our work should:

Be satisfying for donors / other stakeholders
Give ownership of PV equipment to communities
Strive towards consensual decision-making at all levels
Challenge power inequality
Bridge divides (e.g. digital divides, connecting different stakeholders, horizontal & vertical bridge between groups, improved dissemination)